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Ransomware attack

As I’m sure you're aware, there was a global ransomware attack over the past few days that impacted companies and organizations across the globe.

Of the 85 million + endpoints covered by Comodo’s advanced endpoint protection solution, zero were infected!

Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) uses unique technology that treats all unknown files with a default deny level of protection and a default allow level of user access. It's the only solution in the world to use this approach, one that does not rely on a malware signature to have already been identified and included in a file signature scanner. Comodo AEP breaks the malware kill chain, making all forms of malware efforts to infect a system ineffective.

While anti-virus scanners  only identify known malware (and the most advanced versions go as far as identifying disguised versions of known malware), Comodo AEP goes even further; it ensures that unknown files are not just treated as not-bad, running the risk of infecting your devices. Instead, it places each unknown file in a protective logical container where it's only presented with virtual disks, registry and COM interfaces, preventing any malicious acts to cause harm.

While the cloud-based A.I. and human analysis is running, the file can be safely used by the user. It won't be released from the container until the analysis has finished. If a file is discovered to be bad, it's added to our own scanning signatures, automatically blocking this file being access on other machines. If it's marked as good, it will be automatically allowed on other machines.

This approach stops every malware file from infecting a machine, while minimizing your risk and security complexity. Since we don’t just rely on A.I., but also include a human evaluation in the cloud, we protect against any new, not yet seen malware technique.

We are proud to say our AEP customers are all protected from known and unknown forms of malware.

If you haven’t seen or used Comodo AEP yet, please visit enterprise.comodo.com or ask your representative for a demonstration.


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